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Patience is easy for beginners. No technical skills required!

Simply use our beautiful templates to create your personal learning platform. Create courses, customize your website and design it in your own style. We give you tips and best practices and if you have any questions you can always contact our super friendly support.


Learning Management System (LMS) for your Company University rethought!

Patience is the easy-to-use alternative to traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS). We make it easy to build a single platform where your employees, customers, and partners can learn. Patience is a powerful technology solution that can be customized to many educational demands.

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Ready for the revolution in online training?

We are happy to announce that we released a new plattform: EDLOUD!

EDLOUD is an improved version of and comes with more types of educational products, an extended marketing engine and bunch of new offer variants - on your own website!

A few more details:

EDLOUD has the same powerful course creation tool as, but also enables you to offer educational products like eBooks, Webinars, External Integrations and Bundles. comes with an enhanced set of marketing tools like an in-built affiliate system, an improved coupon creation tool and individual product based pre-registration configuration.

...with EDLOUD you can offer not only one-time payments but also weekly or monthly subscriptions and even sell group licenses.

Check it out:

If you have a account, you don't have to worry. We will keep the plattform running until you decide it's time to move to EDLOUD.

For existing Users:

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